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​Kate Becker, a therapeutic perfumer, started Kate’s Magik in 2002 to help people clarify needs and make positive changes by uniting the power of intention with the beautiful aromas of the earth's healing plants. Kate’s lines of Reiki-charged products include Anointing Oils, Aura Mists, Massage Oils, Body Perfume Oils, Diffuser Oils, Element-Inspired Aromatherapy Body Lotions, Sacred Perfume Roll-ons, Intention-based Herbal Teas, and Undiluted Pure Essential Oil Single Notes. Each and every product is Reiki charged. 

Stuart Oliver is well-known in the metaphysical community as a spiritual guide, teacher, and speaker for his expertise on Jungian psychology and Shamanic studies. Stuart specializes in Eco psychology, Jungian Psychology, and Shamanic Healing. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Prescott College and is an ordained minister through Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animist Church in Tucson, AZ. He has lectured at high schools, hosted public workshops, and offers individual sessions designed to promote healing through nature and ancient wisdom. Read his paper, “Navigating the Unconscious: Using Active Imagination and Shamanic Journeying To Achieve Psychic Integration".  

Founder of Old Bisbee Records and co-founder of Tucson's Best Bluegrass 2007-2012 TAMMIE Winners The Dusty Buskers, Georgia born Stuart Oliver is a multi-instrumentalist and professional songwriter whose accolades include Connor Christian & The Southern Gothic (Billboard Magazine’s “Best Bets” of 2012, #17 Billboard Country Charts February 2013). His self-titled debut “...rises above the pop flotsam of his peers” (Flagpole Magazine, Athens Ga) and was recorded at Nickel & Dime studios, Atlanta, early home to the Indigo Girls and Shawn Mullins and co-produced by Mike Hartnett (Rehab, Yelawolf). Since moving to Tucson, Arizona in 2006, Oliver has found local success booking The Hut from 2006-2008, producing Silver Thread Trio, Awkward Moments and 10 odd more albums for Old Bisbee Records, and performing with local bands Dusty Buskers, Kate Becker & The Zodiacs, and Dylan Charles & The Border Crossers.  

Reverend Judy Miller-Dienst is an internationally known Medical Intuitive, Metaphysical Teacher and Lecturer on Medical Intuition, Spiritual Healing and the Relationship between the Body, Mind and Spirit. She is the founder and President of The Mystery School, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado, which offers trainings in a variety of Metaphysical and Body/Mind/Spirit studies.  As a long time student in New Thought, as well as Goddess, Wiccan, Gnosticism, and Native American traditions, Judy's eclectic spiritual background serves as a strong foundational support to her teachings. Rev. Judy began her studies in Psychology, Mind Science, and Medical Intuition over 35 years ago. She produced and hosted the “Healing Voices” Cable TV show in Long Beach, California for four years and the “Healing Voices” radio show on KGNU in Boulder, Colorado which focused on holistic and complementary healing and spiritual development.  She has been a frequent media guest and a former newspaper columnist.

Currently, as an ordained Interfaith Minister (Alumni of The New Seminary and Associate Minister of the Interfaith Temple in NYC, NY), Rev. Judy is the founder of Omni-Faith Ministry, a division of The Mystery School, Inc. and serves from the Boulder Valley, Colorado area. Rev. Judy joyously brings her phenomenal abilities forward as a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, as well as demonstrating the prophetic knowing.  She is the 3 x award winning author of A Conversion from Mind to Soul, Three Steps to Recognizing your Soul Desire.

Kimberly Clausen, MS, is a Holistic Dance and Movement Specialist, as well as a  is a professional Health Educator and Wellness Coach, and a published author. Get her book  ​Inspiration for the Dance of Life: Empowering Dance For Women. Working with all populations to include those living with chronic pain and developmental and physical challenges, Kimberly brings to her students, audiences and clients, the diversity, education, training, experience and expertise of 16 dance and movement forms, health and wellness prevention education and behavioral change tools, and the holistic properties of complementary medicine. Heralded for her infectious passion, Kimberly motivates and inspires by providing simple yet powerful evidence based wellness education and techniques for those ready to make quality of life changes. Her animated and dynamic style catapults students, audiences and clients to the empowering, transformational, and liberating results of whole-body wellness. To attend one of Kim's dance classes click here.​

Joy Di Menna is an extraordinary and unprecedented artist. Her work is rooted in beauty and spirituality, with the intention of bringing a deep emotional transformational experience to the viewer through Colors’ energetic vitality, intelligence and ascending frequencies. When working Joy becomes absorbed in a transcendent state where a harmony of reality becomes visible. She can see, hear, and sense Light and Color flowing with purposeful intention. Trusting her intuition, she casts what is revealed onto the canvas. Calm, living, ripples of supportive energy are released through her brush. Color's expression on canvas are awe-inspiring to say the least. Enjoy Joy's work and learn more about her process here.  Get Joy's book:  ​In Loving Color.

Death is a doorway to a higher state of being. When we transition we continue our evolution. Those we love, who have passed before us, find great joy in re-establishing a connection with us. Annette Lindstrom is a third generation medium. Through Divine Love and her gentle nature, Annette brings through specific and identifying information from spirit, along with loving messages from your loved one that can assist in the grieving process. Annette provides a holistic approach to the connection that comforts and brings peaceful healing to those involved.  

Rev. Judy Miller-Dienst