Nov 30, 2018  6:00pm-9:00pm and Sat Dec 1, 2018  9:00am-6:00pm

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Join Dr. Jo Ruddy and Marcey DiCaro M.A. Friday evening and all day Saturday to explore and welcome the magic of life as we connect to the consciousness of LOVE. In this time of intense change, conflict and uncertainty, we look for ways to find peace and calm amidst the storms. The old song adage – “Love is all you need” – is true. Be a part of this journey into this truth that can free us from fear, doubts and beliefs that hold us back from embodying and integrating all the happiness and joy we deserve.

Transform Your Fears into the Magic of Love Consciousness. Step into the essence of your own empowered soul! Find the faith, trust, and miracles within YOU! Make a fantasy a reality: Discover Self Love! Throughout this workshop you will:

• Understand the meaning of "Love Consciousness"

• Learn tools to stay connected to Love Consciousness

• Experience Life-changing exercises and activities to initiate change and Transform Fear

• Uncover Your Truths for Navigating the Storms

• Connect to Your Heart Wisdom

• Master Tools to Set Yourself Free

• Experience Love Consciousness

Marcey and Dr. Jo welcome you to this workshop with open arms and will help guide you to enhance your own self-empowerment. During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn individually and within a group setting. Self-reflection, meditation, and, experiential techniques will be offered.

On Saturday morning we will open with Qi-Qigong presented by Special Guest Barbara Evans Levine.

Bring paper and pen or a journal to keep notes and write down new discoveries. Dress in layers as temperatures may fluctuate. Lunch is included in this event.

For information: email: Marcey at: or call 520-490-4149  or  Dr. Jo at 520-404-3056.

The Magic of Love Consciousness: Transforming Fear Into Miracles!


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