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Our Philosophy

Our intention at Counseling Concepts, LLC  is to walk along side  each person as they sojourn through life on their own personal path to find balance, empowerment, wisdom, hope and love.

We are committed to a mind-body-soul-spirit approach helping people develop meaning in their lives using a seven -dimensional  holistic model. This model touches on each aspect of life: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Environmental, Occupational, and Spiritual.

We utilize both an individual and group paradigm to enhance growth, gratitude, forgiveness, love, and life’s purpose. 

Here we strive to cultivate an intimate environment where each person is listened to with respect, so that healing is promoted  both externally and, most importantly, internally.

Join us— Will you?  As we journey together toward the healing wisdom within the light of all that we are: One.

"Holistic Healing Through Mindfulness" 

Classes & Dynamic Presentations

​Hypnotherapy and NLP

Metaphysical Life Coaching